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About KAN

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‘The creation of worlds, where people get to experience their purest emotions made visible: that’s what designing means to me’

I’m Pjotr van Kan: experience designer from the Netherlands. Through my designs I create an experience that touches people in the depths of their emotions. With this vision I started KAN Creations: for the love of creation.


In the world of experience, it’s all about creating moments of happiness: new and inspiring places that overwhelm and excite and make you long for more. I always apply those elements to each and every one of my designs, whether it is a visualization, a stage design for a large festival or a graphic design. From the moment that ideas are born, I ensure that they are brought to life. And for this process, concept development, decor design, spatial design, graphic design and visualizations are my tools.

I successfully completed a four-year study in Spatial Design in Breda, and a four-year study in Design, Spatial Presentation and Communication with a specialization in Store, Decor and Exhibition Stand Design in Utrecht. Following my study, I started working as a decor and concept designer at Stagekings, designing stages for the largest dance festivals around the world.

Over the years I have also developed and designed a considerable number of my own projects, where I create a unique combination between experience and sustainability at festivals and events. Because of my strong sense of beauty, I create designs that are attractive, innovative, and experience-based. The worlds I shape are unlike anything you have ever seen before.


‘Welcome to the realm of creation!’

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